Affect the Youth

The Bridge Between Circumstance and Possibility

We are committed to driving change and providing opportunity to under served youth. We aim to be the bridge between their current circumstances and the abundant possibilities the future holds.


Over the past two years, 142 students have received scholarships from ATY. Help us do more!


To provide underserved youth with a true hand up via ongoing programming that includes scholarships, work shops, mentoring, and internships centered around STREAM. STREAM = Science, Technology, Real World, Engineering, Arts / Athletics, Math


We intend to do this with a STREAM inspired initiative.


STREAM = Science, Technology, Real World, Engineering, Arts/Athletics, and Math



Increase interest and exposure to STREAM related fields


Expand possibilities of potential career paths

Engage with Professionals who share similar geo and ethnic background

Introduction of positive roles models


Build new skill sets


Identify and/or expand career goals


Scholarship Program

ATY Now is launching its 2022 scholarship fundraising activities. This year we aim to double our impact for the graduating class of 2022. See below for more information on how to apply for a scholarship or scroll down and click on the link to contribute to the cause!

How to Apply

To apply for a scholarship through ATY Now, please click on the link below and complete the application in full. 


Students are welcome to tap into our mentoring resources at ATY. Work shops and real world guidance are available on a monthly and quarterly basis. Check out What’s Happening @ ATY to learn more.

Chloe is transferring from College of Southern Nevada to San Diego City College. Chloe will use her scholarship toward moving costs.

Chloe Riggins


I have received the scholarship award from my school. I’m honored to have been selected as a recipient of this program. I’m also grateful for the support and hope you have offered me.


Richmond High School

I just wanted to say I’m fully committed to the program and going to the meetings! Thank you guys so much for the opportunity!


Eastside College Preparatory School

I have received my scholarship. Thank you again for supporting me throughout my college career. I am beyond blessed.


Eastside College Preparatory School

Thank you, I have received my certificate awarding me the Affect The Youth Scholarship. I look forward to working with the program in the future.


The Hidden Genius Project

Donate Now!

ATY Now is actively fundraising for the 2022 class of students and we need your help. Every dollar donated that comes into ATY Now goes to the students! Help us to help them.

What's Happening @ ATY

July, 2022
7th – Monthly Workshop

August, 2022
4th – Monthly Workshop

September 2022
1st – Monthly Workshop
14th – First Town Hall meeting @ 5:30pm pst

October 2022
6th – Monthly Workshop

November, 2022
3rd – Monthly Workshop (Gratitude, selflessness)
28th – Scholarship application open, First scholarship application writing workshop

December, 2022
1st – Monthly Workshop
12th-16th: Second Town Hall meeting
22nd – Second scholarship application writing workshop

January 2023
4th – Third scholarship application writing workshop
5th – Monthly Workshop
25th – Final scholarship application writing workshop
31st – Application Deadline

February 2023
2nd – Monthly Workshop
13th-17th: Final administration meeting
20th-24th: ATY Ceremony

March 2023
2nd – Monthly Workshop

April 2023
6th – Monthly Workshop

May 2023
4th – Monthly Workshop

June 2023
1st – Monthly Workshop


What is ATY’s Scholarship process?
    • School, District, or organization MOU
    • Application/essay covering:
      • Students background 
      • STREAM focus
      • Example of how STREAM impacts their life 
      • Goals for the future
      • Has anyone from family attended higher education?
      • What is your legacy?
      • Why should they be selected to win
How many students are you impacting?
    • In 2020 we were able to impact 41 students
    • In 2021 we’re looking to impact 100 students
What are your scholarships?

ATY Legacy Scholarship Award and the Gloria Loventhal Humanitarian Award.

How are the scholarship winners determined?
  1. Essays are read and scored using a consistent mechanism by a group of ATY members.  
  2. Scores are tabulated and top applications are read again and re-scored by different reviewers.  
  3. Winners are stack ranked by score. 
How much money is distributed?

TBD for CY22.  Last year we proudly funded 41 scholarships for a total of $130K.  This year we expect to exceed those numbers and are currently in the process of fundraising. 

When are the deadlines?

Applications must be submitted by 11:59pm February 27th, 2022

What does STREAM stand for?

Science, Technology, Real World, Engineering/ Entrepreneurship, Arts/Athletics, Mathematics 

Why “Real World”?

ATY is made up of individuals from many different disciplines.  Several have life skills that span more than one area of STREAM.  Real World allows ATY to share experiences that have shaped our careers which don’t apply to a particular STREAM category. 

What does your mentorship program consist of and who is invited to participate?
  • We offer a monthly Zoom meeting which includes a spotlight presentation by one of our ATY team members (or special guest depending on the topic) along with open Q&A for any top-of-mind topics for our mentees.  We keep a welcoming, conversational style to encourage open discussion and feedback. 
  • We also offer the option for 1:1 or  2:1 (mentee: mentor) deep dive Zoom calls for mentees who have a particular interest area and we have an ATY expert with matching skill/experience. 
  • We have a policy of inclusion for our mentorship program where winners, applicants and other referrals are welcome to participate. 
  • Mentorship is a two-way commitment and both mentee and mentor must be committed for a fruitful outcome.  


Donate Today!

ATY Now is actively fundraising for the 2023 class of students and we need your help. Every dollar donated that comes into ATY Now goes to the students! Help us to help them.